“One Belt, One Road” and ECYL Forum

“The Silk Road Economic Belt” and “The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road” is the overall situation that made by Chinese President Xi Jinping which can affect both domestically and internationally of China. This policy complied with to the trend of regional and global cooperation as well as the needs of development of countries and areas along this route. This policy is also significant propose and conception that stay firmly rooted in the present while looking ahead to the future.

Since Chinese “One Belt, One Road” strategic conception of development was made two years ago, there’s lots of countries resonate with China. These countries are willing to seek an opportunity with which they can work, build and share in a peaceful environment together. More than 60 countries are responding and binding “One Belt, One Road “strategy with their own development strategy.

map one belt one road

Europe-China Youth Leaders Forum is an organization based on the background of this new era in which having China-Europe economic sustainable development. This is a brand new chapter of economical development that based on Europe and combined with China-Europe cooperate.

As the vital force of the economic development in various countries, youths and leaders have decisive impact in multiple areas such on scientific research, business, industries and agriculture. They can affect and promote each other as complementary relations. A platform that face all sectors of society can not only enhance cultural communication but also drive two regions to have dialogue directly. This can offer mutual benefit and achieve common progress in a way. Last but not least, this also have a benefit of weakening the times and cultural diversity in order to expand the communication and cooperation. And this is exactly what a high-end youth and leader needed to make an epoch.

Europe-China Youth Leaders Forum is proposed by Europe-China Youth Leaders Foundation. It gathers youth leaders, politicians, scholars of international relations, and entrepreneurs together for the sake of creating a platform to communicate and associate. It is a new chance in actual exchanges and cooperation for Chinese and European governments.