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From most European countries, the easiest way of reaching Hungary is by plane. There are flights from all over the world to Liszt Ferenc Airport, Budapest, which is in the capital of Hungary.

By Airport Shuttle

After landing in Hungary you’ll find an Airport Minibus office at the terminal. We advise you to take an Airport Minibus shuttle which ride to Pécs directly. This is the most convenient way of travelling and it costs approx. HUF 9,000 (≈ EUR 30). There are two main companies which offer airport shuttle from Budapest to Pécs:

By car

Foreigners driving a car to Hungary are required to hold a valid international driving licence. Car registration and insurance papers are also compulsory. Driving is on the right-hand side and the seatbelt is compulsory. The speed limit within residential areas is 50 km/h, 90 km/h for secondary roads, 110 km/h for highways and 130 km/h for motorways. The easiest way to reach Pécs is through the route 6 and the M6 motorway.

If you don’t have your own car, you can join someone: the carpool services are popular among students from across the country. It’s cheaper than if we would travel alone, and – since most of the carpooling systems have a serious feedback / evaluation system- it is much safer than hitchhiking.

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By train

From Budapest the city can be approached by train. The full fare 2nd class ticket with seat reservation will cost about HUF 4,500 (approx. EUR 15). You are advised to take an IC instead of the regular train because IC’s are much faster and more comfortable than regular trains. In Pécs the railway station is located in walking distance from the city centre and it is in the neighbourhood of the central bus station (in Hungarian the “Főpályaudvar”).

The schedule and the fares of the Hungarian railways are available online here:

By bus

The regional coach service of Baranya county is provided by Pannon Volán Ltd. The operations of the company mostly cover the scheduled passenger transportation through the county; however its activities extend beyond the county and the country borders as well. It is not only Pannon Volán, however, but many other companies of the Volán group that operate lines which have their final destination at the central station of Pécs.


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