About Pécs

Pécs, the capital of the Baranya county, is located in the south western part of Hungary, and is the fifth largest city of the country. Pécs is a multicultural city, where different nationalities have been gathered together and shared traditions, customs and values for more than 2000 years.In 1998, because of its contributions in the protection of minorities’ cultures and helping the refugees from the Balkan war, Pécs was awarded the ‘Peaceful Prize’ by the UNESCO. It also won the second and third places as the world most livable city in 2007 and 2008 respectively.In 2010, it was also named the Europe Capital of Culture, along with Essen (Germany) and Istanbul (Turkey). Pécs subsequently received money from the EU funds and successfully completed four cultural projects, which included a music center, a library and a cultural center, a museum street, and finally, the Zsolnay cultural area. Pécs is also home to very ancient Christian monuments, including a Christian cemetery that was listed on the World Cultural Heritage list in 2000.

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